Everybody Digs

by A Bunch Of Dead People



released July 17, 2013



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A Bunch Of Dead People Brooklyn, New York

A Bunch of Dead People is the solo project of Ruben Sindo Acosta. It has since become a cult.

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Track Name: So Alone
Don't feel so Alone

Pain is universal
Heartache's something that we've all been through
we all get lonesome sometimes, not just me, not just you
I thought I had my soul torn out of me, but that was not true
I had to stare myself down and realize what I should do
I got to stand up and really believe that every human soul's got empathy
In this feeling I've got
by myself I am not
and this lesson I've been taught

Don't feel so alone

It ain't time to just give up now because sadness ain't your religion
forgive yourself for what you may have done and we can finally just try to move on
I've had loved ones die and I've felt the pain,
condolences no one around to give them
and though I felt like I was so alone with this loss I created a bond
to everyone who's heart has come undone I can say that I've been right there with them
we're all together in being alone, so I guess we're not alone at all

Don't feel so alone
Track Name: S'Dead
I knew it, I knew it'd be me
to be the one to pull the trigger on this fantasy
now it's dead

no more fun, no more games
no more trying to say it's just dead

see I wanted this woman, or more so I wanted her to want me
I've been standing over her all night, but I know she can't see
now I'm staring down the barrel of my freshly widowed wife
I knew she didn't love me so I had to take my life
there ain't no way, no how, nothing she can do now
death didn't do us part, see I took a different vow
and all night she's got to hear me howl

I knew it, I knew it'd be me
to be the one to pull the trigger on this fantasy
now it's dead